Giuseppe / Indecent Noise b2b Standerwick Review

It was immediately like walking into a trance filled wonderland as Giuseppe stormed Exchange with pulsating beats. I felt the kick pounding my body as the bass line swayed across the room and carried itself with a morose yet subtle vibe.

It wasn’t until I stepped into the main floor that I immediately caught on to what my night was gonna consist of. Uplifting and melodic music surrounded by the friendliest of trance fanatics and fierce punchy beats to accompany what was a rollercoaster of a ride. Although I didn’t get a chance to catch too much of Giuseppe’s set, the moments I was able to enjoy were kick-bass-kick-bass followed by the happiest of shuffles I’ve ever done.

It was a matter of time before Indecent Noise & Standerwick came on to close the night with a b2b set and full on series of live Mental Asylum. This is when the crowd started to go ape-shit as the visuals went overboard bringing to life a flame filled venue. Let me not forget the signature Mental Asylum statue floating around in the background.

There’s nothing like describing what was an amazing trance fused experience however I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow who goes around and records events like these with a point and shoot camera. He has solid recording skills and the sound quality is amazing! So without further or due, I present you 7 LIVE videos of what was a Mental Asylum takeover @ Exchange LA!

-Charlee Grey


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