Steve Angello @ Create Nightclub

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015


What was walking into something that felt like it carried itself with Ibiza vibes was only the beginning of a whirlwind of a night.

As soon as Sebjak kicked off with some Progressive house beats Create (nightclub) started going off. A simple four on the floor beat emerged into a funkadelic house set that had everyone dancing, or as I would say (and probably do), “doing the knee thing.” He did a graceful job of keeping everybody happy as they swayed across the dance floor but it was truly a matter of time before the mastermind of the night took over the decks.

Steve Angello immediately caught everybody present off-guard as he stormed the decks with intense cowbell beats that turned into big-room madness. From the pulsating bass to the high ringing treble, it was no surprise that Steve was behind the decks.

There was a moment where he played a track that I couldn’t get even the tip of my tongue on. It is probably an ID waiting to explode over all the main stages across festivals world-wide but if there is one thing that I remember from that night, it is as soon as he dropped this track I was so ecstatically overwhelmed that I swallowed the gum I was chewing. Think of a solid mixture of big room melodies with trappy bass and catchy beats intertwined all into a track that would ring in your ears for days to come.

It always happens that my words can’t do a club event justice – so with that being said, I present to you the wonderful images of local Los Angeles DJ photographer Ohdagyo. If you ever make it out to Create (or any edm club in LA at that matter) you will probably run into this guy. Keep an eye out for him and his amazing pictures!
To view more photos by Ohdagyo click HERE!

-Charlee Grey


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