Hard Summer Preview!


With Hard Summer a few days away, we here at SCEE would like to remind you that HARD is not a rave and it really isn’t a festival either. For those of us who have been going consistently over the years, it’s more like a giant house party with each stage giving off its own unique vibe and no two stages ever feeling the same. HARD is a place for those who don’t quite fit into the normal festival scene; it is filled with those who crave the darkness and the excitement that only Destructo can provide. This event is about discovery, so please come as you are and don’t be afraid to wander into areas and stages that wouldn’t normally be on your path.

Doors open at 11 so to beat the traffic and the eventual crowds, arrive early. You never know, you just might just find yourself at a stage learning to love to an artist you’ve only heard about in passing. As for me, I’ll be roaming the Fairplex and stopping at every stage since each one is hosting an artist that I love. Believe me when I say, with the diversity and talent that Gary and the HARD family have gathered for this weekend you will never be without someone to watch and enjoy. But for now, warm up with this compilation of songs from artists on the lineup this weekend, it may not feel like the real thing but it will hold you over until the moment we can all go HARD together.

Quick tips! The forecast is predicting rain for Sunday so prepare for actual weather in LA. Personally, I’m just hoping for another rain storm during Jack Ü because how cool would that be – again?! Also don’t forget to download the HARD app to plan your lineup, check out set times, and even get sweet photo filters all built into a streamlined and easy to use application.

– Helen (@gotophotography)


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