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Welcome to the preview of our newest segment here at SCEE (So Cal Edm Events) entitled Discovery Sessions, we wanted to give you a brief preview on what is being launched this Monday before it’s actual launch! This has been a idea I’ve had for over a year at first it started as a music Monday’s where I would share new songs with all of you that I’ve discovered and where worthy of sharing but, after time I realized there were many places and areas where one could do that already including but not limited to beatport own website and other sites dedicated to the music. So I erased that idea from the board and I went back to work, as time progress I almost lost hope into launching something at all until I struck an idea at an event here in Los Angeles. I was at a small party with lesser known dj’s and producers who were trying to expose there music to the masses, I started to think to myself “Why isn’t there a platform for all these producers and aspiring Dj’s to share the music they make to the masses besides working the circuit?”

And that’s when it clicked, why couldn’t I do something like that? Why couldn’t I reach out to all these people with hopes and dreams of becoming big time producers and dj’s and give them a platform to share the music they produces/play/love, from house, trap, trance, french house, deep house and all the in between genres that “EDM” has evolved into. So we got to work, we reached out via our various social media platforms and asked from the smallest dj’s to the one who open clubs like Exchange LA, Sutra OC, Avalon and more. Not surprisingly we received numerous emails and replies with interest and that’s where Discovery Sessions comes in!

We will be showcasing one dj/producer every week and allowing them to show you what they have and what they bring to your ears! I invite you to listen with an open mind and enjoy what they have to offer in various sub-genres of the electronic music spectrum! We hope that with this you’ll find someone new that you will enjoy and hopefully support as they pursue their dreams of sharing their music to the world! With that being said please follow our sound cloud page and youtube pages and both will carry each discovery session each week! Cheers and thank you for stopping by and reading this preview! Much love and here is to a new segement! Cheers!


-Mario #SCEE


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