Discovery Sessions 001 Launch DEBUT – Dj Tysen

PhotoGrid_1438902199088 Welcome to the Launch of Discovery Sessions, we finally are here after a long two month process to get here. We’ve scored and search the unknown talent pool that fights every day to be the next big thing in our music. I encourage you to keep an open mind and listen to the many unknown talents we will be showcasing. The premise of this is simple we gave them an opportunity to make a mini mix about 30 to 50 mins long showcasing what best described them and what they wanted to let YOU, the listeners, know what they were all about. We also asked them a few questions regarding various small subjects, so we hope you enjoy this new segment. Let’s kick things off now and get to the questions and music located at the very bottom, hope you enjoy this new program. Much love!


  So_Cal_Edm_Events (SCEE): Thank you for taking the time to answer this interview let’s start off simple what is your name? What do you go by? Are you from southern California? If not where are you from? And what genre of electronic music do you play?

Tyler (T): My name is Tyler Clemmensen and I go by the alias Dj Tysen. I am from Southern California but I go to school in San Francisco so I’m always back and forth. I play a lot of harder styles of electronic music focusing on Hardstyle and Dubstep. For this mix though I thought I would change it up and go from Hardstyle to Dubstep to Trance to House, which is crazy to think that it works.

SCEE: How long have you been producing/Djing? What inspired you to become a producer? Who is your biggest inspiration? Do you have any residencies locally?

T: I have been producing since I was 16 but I started playing piano when I was 5, which really helped with producing. I got inspired to start dj’ing/prdocuing when I was at couple of events and I kept getting pushed around in the crowd. I’m a small guy, some of the dudes at these events are massive so I’m always the one getting pushed every which way and one day I got so fed up with being pushed around that I wanted to change something, I wanted to be the one on the stage making people go crazy. My biggest inspiration would have to be Skrillex. He was the one that got me into electronic music in the first place. I don’t have any residencies but I have played a good amount of venues such as Create, 333 Live, Los Globos, EPR, and a few good spots in the bay.


  SCEE: What has been the biggest festival/Club you’ve played at? How was that experience? Was it memorable? What would you change?

T: My biggest event lineup wise was when I got to play along side Getter and Must Die at an event in LA. My 2nd biggest would be playing alongside Doctor P at EPR in San Francisco. These 2 shows were amazing cause being such a basshead, I have been following these artists for years and to see my name on the same lineup as them was super memorable. The one thing I would have changed in my Doctor P show was the fact I didn’t have a link cable for the 2 CDJS. I get up on stage and I start mixing into my first track from the previous Dj and everything going well. I opened with a nice chill Feed Me track and I go to hit link on the 2nd CDJ to load up my 2nd track and nothing, look at the back, no cable. In my head I was freaking out and I dove into my backpack to try and find a possible other USB that I had on me and luckily I found an old USB that only had hardstyle tracks on it so I ended up playing a full hardstyle set because that’s all the music I had on the 2nd CDJ. So note self, ALWAYS BRING YOUR OWN LINK CABLE!

SCEE: Where do you plan on being in five years career wise?

T: In 5 years I would hope to see myself known as a Hardstyle Dj. I’m not saying I want to become a huge Dj and travel the world playing huge festivals but I would like to get to a point where I’m know in the area as being “A dope hardstyle dj”

SCEE: A lot of people will be reading this article, if you could tell them something about yourself to maybe support you what would you say?

T: I like to play diverse sets. Yes I love playing an hour or 2 of hardstyle in a row, but I love switching between genres quickly and I feel that’s what separates me from other dj’s. Like in this mix I went from Hardstyle to Dubstep to Trance and then ended with House, in less than 45 minutes. I don’t like dj’s that will only play house or deep house for a staright hour because it doesn’t take that much skill, it’s not original. Originality in Dj’s is hard to come by nowadays.   

SCEE: We have a great deal of followers following us, what would you tell the people who are going to hear this to expect from your mini mix? What do you want to them to take note of?

T: I would say to keep an open mind as you listen because you never know what is going to come next. I open with hardstyle so right away its bass to the face and it might turn some people off but others are going to be curious to see where it is going to go next. I’m all about surprising the crowd so they have no idea what I’m going to play next. Keeps them on edge.

SCEE: What do you do outside of music?


T: I go to school at Academy of Art University for Motion Pictures and Television with an emphasis in Sound Design and Sound Engineering, and I love to play piano. I also love a good burger and chicken tenders.

SCEE: What do you think of the current scene? Do you think new people need to freshen up the scene?

T: When I get asked this question, this is when I start to get on edge. I am not a fan of where the scene is going. I don’t like the fact that there are so many ghost producers now and fake artists. I don’t like that fact the in order to Dj at events they go off of how many followers you have on instagram or how many tickets you sell. The promoters are not even listening to the mix’s when they book dj’s, they have no idea what they sound like and its saddens me because there are A LOT of good dj’s out there that go unrecognized because they aren’t good at social media. When I go to events I mainly stay at the hardstyle or dubstep stages because I get bored of all these house artists all playing the same 30 songs and being super basic.


  SCEE: Finish this sentence… Music is

T: Expression

  SCEE: Lastly we’d like to thank you for participating, for anyone interested in following you more where can they do so? (Social Media plug & Shoutouts)  T: You can follow me on Instagram: @DjTysen, Soundcloud:, Facebook:, Twitter: @Dj_Tysen, Snapchat: DjTysen.

  -Mario #SCEE


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