Discovery Sessions 006 w/ Ducky D


Welcome to another edition of Disovery Sessions as we bring you the local upon coming talent that surrounds all the clubs and festivals you attend! This week we have Ducky D on the helm, a regular at Avalon we are happy to have his as our sixth guest to this weekly segment so sick back, read and start your weekend off with some good music! Cheers!






So Cal Edm Events (SCEE): Thank you for taking the time to answer this interview let’s start off simple what is your name? What do you go by? Are you from southern California? If not where are you from? And what genre of electronic music do you play?

Ducky D (DD): My name is Donald Smithmeyer and I go by the name Ducky D, I am from  Southern California and I play don’t stick to any particular kind of electronic music but play all kinds.



SCEE: How long have you been producing/Djing? What inspired you to become a producer? Who is your biggest inspiration? Do you have any residencies locally?


DD: I have been producing/Djing for 2 and a half years. What inspired me to become a producer and a Dj was attending EDC 2012, it was there that I discovered the good vibes and happiness that come from listening to great music with great people and I wanted to be able to spread and be apart of all of that.


My Residencies:

Avalon, Hollywood: Mayhem Events

Neon Play Ground



SCEE: What has been the biggest festival/Club you’ve played at? How was that experience? Was it memorable? What would you change?


DD: The biggest club that I have played so far would be Avalon Hollywood and the experience could not have been better. I was given the chance to headline the stage that I was playing on and the crowd could not have been crazier. The crowd was chanting Ducky and dancing all over the place! Thanks to all the friends that came out to support!


SCEE:  Where do you plan on being in five years career wise?


DD: I hope on being a staple name that would be seen on flyers and line ups across the world, signed to Owsla or Mad Decent and doing collaborations with as many people as I can. I want to be making and playing music that makes people dance and to feel happiness.


SCEE: A lot of people will be reading this article, if you could tell them something about yourself to maybe support you what would you say?


D: I would tell them that I do this because I love to do it and to bring good vibes and happiness to anyone willing to listen, I just want the chance to play for as many people as I can and to be heard by as many people as I can so that my mixes make people feel the happiness I get from the music.


SCEE: We have a great deal of followers following us, what would you tell the people who are going to hear this to expect from your mini mix? What do you want to them to take note of?


DD: When you listen to this mix I want you to not try and expect anything, this mix has a variety of different genres and bpms in it. I never really paid attention to genres but paid more attention to good beats and rhythm. I like my mixes to make you want to dance or sing the whole time and this mix is no different. This is 30 minutes of great music to dance to!


SCEE: What do you do outside of music?

DD: Outside of music I live a pretty normal life of school and work


SCEE:  What do you think of the current scene? Do you think new people need to freshen up the scene?


DD: I think the current scene is great, it is growing and becoming bigger and bigger bringing in new talent and influencers everyday. EDM is becoming main stream but is also still in the underground and can be enjoyed in many ways. I feel that some Djs and Producers are becoming bland and making songs that sound the same and are bland but there are others who are pushing the envelope and bringing new sounds and styles into the light. EDM is growing and changing in new ways everyday.


SCEE: Finish this sentence… Music is

DD: Life, Everthing


SCEE: Lastly we’d like to thank you for participating, for anyone interested in following you more where can they do so? 


DD: Thank you for listening and if anyone would like to follow me you can find me at:



Instagram: @DjduckyD




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