🚨Exclusive Offer🚨

As many of you may, or may not know I work at a #KIA dealership, and knowing this I can tell you first hand how difficult it can be to purchase a car from some random stranger.
Well I’m here to help and provided you someone you can trust to not take advantage of you, plus make it a little easier to party
So here is what I set up once again for the month of July. If you come in to see me [mario] and purchase a new #KIA or used car we will cut you a check to buy a ticket of your choice to #Nocturnal2017 or #EscapeSoCal
How awesome is that? If you are already in the market for a #KIA and are about to buy the car, why not come to a trusted source and get a free ticket to a rave? Just dm me or send me a text via our home page text button on IG ( and let’s get this ball rolling. Offer expires July 31st! 💓 #RaversHelpingRavers ✌#SCEE


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