Happy Anniversary Discovery Sessions



A year ago we launched Discovery Sessions to share a more local sound to you all and with sixteen episodes to our name we are happy to thank all of you who’ve listen this past year. We’ve compiled the sixteen episodes in a mix for you to discover or re-discover for your music pleasure. Thank you again and here to another year of music!

Interested in participating in our Discovery Sessions? Shoot us an email at DiscoverySessionsMusic@gmail.com


Weekend in LA 8.09

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Exchange LA


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8.13 ETC! ETC! w/ CRNKN & Torro Torro


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Avalon Hollywood


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8.12 Fred V & Grafix


8.13 Lucent Dossier Experience


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Sutra OC


8.11 Slander


8.13 Arty


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Nocturnal Wonderland


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Discovery Sessions 001 Launch DEBUT – Dj Tysen

PhotoGrid_1438902199088 Welcome to the Launch of Discovery Sessions, we finally are here after a long two month process to get here. We’ve scored and search the unknown talent pool that fights every day to be the next big thing in our music. I encourage you to keep an open mind and listen to the many unknown talents we will be showcasing. The premise of this is simple we gave them an opportunity to make a mini mix about 30 to 50 mins long showcasing what best described them and what they wanted to let YOU, the listeners, know what they were all about. We also asked them a few questions regarding various small subjects, so we hope you enjoy this new segment. Let’s kick things off now and get to the questions and music located at the very bottom, hope you enjoy this new program. Much love!


  So_Cal_Edm_Events (SCEE): Thank you for taking the time to answer this interview let’s start off simple what is your name? What do you go by? Are you from southern California? If not where are you from? And what genre of electronic music do you play?

Tyler (T): My name is Tyler Clemmensen and I go by the alias Dj Tysen. I am from Southern California but I go to school in San Francisco so I’m always back and forth. I play a lot of harder styles of electronic music focusing on Hardstyle and Dubstep. For this mix though I thought I would change it up and go from Hardstyle to Dubstep to Trance to House, which is crazy to think that it works.

SCEE: How long have you been producing/Djing? What inspired you to become a producer? Who is your biggest inspiration? Do you have any residencies locally?

T: I have been producing since I was 16 but I started playing piano when I was 5, which really helped with producing. I got inspired to start dj’ing/prdocuing when I was at couple of events and I kept getting pushed around in the crowd. I’m a small guy, some of the dudes at these events are massive so I’m always the one getting pushed every which way and one day I got so fed up with being pushed around that I wanted to change something, I wanted to be the one on the stage making people go crazy. My biggest inspiration would have to be Skrillex. He was the one that got me into electronic music in the first place. I don’t have any residencies but I have played a good amount of venues such as Create, 333 Live, Los Globos, EPR, and a few good spots in the bay.


  SCEE: What has been the biggest festival/Club you’ve played at? How was that experience? Was it memorable? What would you change?

T: My biggest event lineup wise was when I got to play along side Getter and Must Die at an event in LA. My 2nd biggest would be playing alongside Doctor P at EPR in San Francisco. These 2 shows were amazing cause being such a basshead, I have been following these artists for years and to see my name on the same lineup as them was super memorable. The one thing I would have changed in my Doctor P show was the fact I didn’t have a link cable for the 2 CDJS. I get up on stage and I start mixing into my first track from the previous Dj and everything going well. I opened with a nice chill Feed Me track and I go to hit link on the 2nd CDJ to load up my 2nd track and nothing, look at the back, no cable. In my head I was freaking out and I dove into my backpack to try and find a possible other USB that I had on me and luckily I found an old USB that only had hardstyle tracks on it so I ended up playing a full hardstyle set because that’s all the music I had on the 2nd CDJ. So note self, ALWAYS BRING YOUR OWN LINK CABLE!

SCEE: Where do you plan on being in five years career wise?

T: In 5 years I would hope to see myself known as a Hardstyle Dj. I’m not saying I want to become a huge Dj and travel the world playing huge festivals but I would like to get to a point where I’m know in the area as being “A dope hardstyle dj”

SCEE: A lot of people will be reading this article, if you could tell them something about yourself to maybe support you what would you say?

T: I like to play diverse sets. Yes I love playing an hour or 2 of hardstyle in a row, but I love switching between genres quickly and I feel that’s what separates me from other dj’s. Like in this mix I went from Hardstyle to Dubstep to Trance and then ended with House, in less than 45 minutes. I don’t like dj’s that will only play house or deep house for a staright hour because it doesn’t take that much skill, it’s not original. Originality in Dj’s is hard to come by nowadays.   

SCEE: We have a great deal of followers following us, what would you tell the people who are going to hear this to expect from your mini mix? What do you want to them to take note of?

T: I would say to keep an open mind as you listen because you never know what is going to come next. I open with hardstyle so right away its bass to the face and it might turn some people off but others are going to be curious to see where it is going to go next. I’m all about surprising the crowd so they have no idea what I’m going to play next. Keeps them on edge.

SCEE: What do you do outside of music?


T: I go to school at Academy of Art University for Motion Pictures and Television with an emphasis in Sound Design and Sound Engineering, and I love to play piano. I also love a good burger and chicken tenders.

SCEE: What do you think of the current scene? Do you think new people need to freshen up the scene?

T: When I get asked this question, this is when I start to get on edge. I am not a fan of where the scene is going. I don’t like the fact that there are so many ghost producers now and fake artists. I don’t like that fact the in order to Dj at events they go off of how many followers you have on instagram or how many tickets you sell. The promoters are not even listening to the mix’s when they book dj’s, they have no idea what they sound like and its saddens me because there are A LOT of good dj’s out there that go unrecognized because they aren’t good at social media. When I go to events I mainly stay at the hardstyle or dubstep stages because I get bored of all these house artists all playing the same 30 songs and being super basic.


  SCEE: Finish this sentence… Music is

T: Expression

  SCEE: Lastly we’d like to thank you for participating, for anyone interested in following you more where can they do so? (Social Media plug & Shoutouts)  T: You can follow me on Instagram: @DjTysen, Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/djtysen, Facebook: Facebook.com/djtysen, Twitter: @Dj_Tysen, Snapchat: DjTysen.

  -Mario #SCEE

Hard Summer Saturday Playlist


Hard Summer happens this weekend so we thought we’d share a playlist of all the artist that will on the lineup this weekend! We kick things off with Saturday night lineup. A little note I’ll be the first to admit that when I started this list I was very shall we say skeptical on what I would put because of my lack of knowledge on some of these artist, especially with the hip hop acts and the lesser known acts that I had never heard of. But I came out quiet surprised on some of the artist that I found that I did not know before this post. I invite you to have an open mind when listen to this because it’s a mix of all kinds of genre of music and some of the well known acts as well and some not so much! We make this to showcase something that you might not normal even turn an ear for to possibly maybe have you discover something out of your comfort zone. I hope you Enjoy the choices and let us know what you think as you hear this playlist! Tomorrow the Sunday mix will be updated!

Playlist Track

1. The Morning by The Weekend

2. Go by The Chemical Brothers

3. Clouds by KSHMR & Dillon Francis

4. Unison by Porter Robinson

5. Studio by Schoolboy Q

6. Say My Name by ODESZA

7. Our Demons by The Glitch Mob (Filous Remix)

8. After Life by Tchami

9. Here for you by Gorgon City

10. This Could be Us- Rae Scremmurd

11. I love you by Woodkid

12. Lifestyle by Young Thug

13. The Drop by Bro Safari

14. Need this by GriZ

15. Dare you 2 move  by Destructo

16. Hard Time by Seinabo Sey

17.  Superspeed by Lido & Canblaster

18. Sampler mix by Hot Since 82 (mini mix not title of song)

19. Choo Choo by Boys Noize & Salva

20. Bang by Erol Alkan

21. Shiba San mini mix (5min sample)

22. Bounce by Mercer & 4B

23. King by Years & Years

24. Weather Man by Lunice

25. Impress of You by Giraffage

26. Trap Arms by Milo & Otis

27. Deep Down Low by Valentiono Khan (Favorite lol)

28. Bailando by Engrique Iglesias ( Matoma Official Remix)

29. I met you by Flume

30. Young in Love by Sweater Beats

31. Unechanted3 by Alesia

32. Fall over by Banks (Djemba Djemba remix)

33. Down and Dirty by Sharam Jey

34. Anonymous by Dirtyphonics

35. Pool girls by Nina Las Vegas

36. Crank by Ghastly X Mija

37. Nobody by Vanilla Ace

38. Sharpe James by Nadus

39. Still waiting by Hunter Siegel

40. If only by Maya Payne

41. Grind Hard by GANZ

42. Hood Life by Doug English (Eyes everywhere remix)

43. Excist by OEVERWERK

Five Deep Tracks to know now according to us!

Beyond Wonderland is right around the corner so I thought we’d share five track you might here in the deeper side of Beyond So Cal! Check them out and let us know what you think!



1. Sam Feldt is a growing household name among the Deep House faithful, his tracks are being played all over festivals and you’ll find probably hear one or two while going down the rabbit hole! Here is his track entitled ” Midnight Hearts”


2. Spinin’ Deep has been capturing quality deep house artist as of late, it’s no reason why Redondo & Boiler track is on the company arsenal! Check out the lastest from them down below entitled “Every Single Piece”


3.  Pete Tong the man behind BBC radio 1 Essential tunes release this gem by Watermatt & TAI entitled “Frequency” just 16 days ago and already it’s becoming a wonder of a hit, keep an eye out as you will surely be hearing it more often!


4. Released by Medium Rare Recordings, Marshall F & LO’99 hit this groovy track entitled Take Me Back has been out for 3 months now and being played all the deep house artist! Enjoy


5. Last but not least is this track by Spanish Dj Ivan Alonso was featured in Oliver Heldens Heldeep Radio this past week and it’s got the potential to be a gem! This is the perfect song to drive to the club/festival or your local Chipotle! The song track is simply entitled “The Party” enjoy! Let us know what you think on all our social media platforms!


Got a questions? Email us Socaledmevnts@gmail.com



1st Annual Ten Questions of 2014 w/ Special Guest


Welcome everyone, as the year comes to a close I had an idea to ask some people who either have some influence, will influence or are a driving force on social media in the EDM world! Below you’ll find from ID&T Employee, your everyday Social Media personalities and others! We asked them to answer ten questions that we thought would be insightful or maybe give us an idea of what the year was like to these people in our EDM world this past year. Enjoy!


1. Hello, First let’s start off with a little background information on who you are? Do you run a social media site? Do you work for the industry? Tell the people they must know!

David Rodarte(DR): “My Name is David Rodarte,  Many know me as “Peedi”. I currently work in the Electronic Music Festival Industry for ID&T. I am the Creative Director for Tomorrowworld music festival, and the director of operations for Tomorrowland.”

I’m Emerson(EN). “Creator of @edmfriends on Instagram.”

Kelly Proctor(KP), “founder of Music Not Molly, a brand dedicated to education, harm reduction, sober support, and responsibility within the EDM community.” (Follow @MusicNotMolly)

Marvin Nicklaus(MN) “I run EDMBOYS and Trance LA on facebook and instagram” (Follow @EdmBoys)

Helen Perez(HP) ” I’m an amateur photographer first and foremost. I have no training and shoot most events on a pocket camera. I’ve gained some success this year and have been able to shoot a couple of events via a photo pass, I’m working my butt off with the hope to see some real forward motion in 2015.” (Follow @Goto_photography)

Matthew Smit(MS) “I am the assistant marketing manager at a big EDM Office. As a side gig, I also run Night Owl Guestlist, and DJ as Shmitty. I am also a guestlist coordinator at Exchange LA.” (Follow @Shmitty)


2. Now that we know a little bit about you let’s jump into this past year, Overall what did you think of the dance culture this year as oppose to the previous years?

DR: “My opinion on Dance culture for 2014 is? 2014 once again, was a very successful year. Many music festival that have never sold out. Finally reached their maximum capacity possible. Clearly that’s a sign that Dance Coulter is still growing just when many of us thought
“it can’t get any bigger.”

EN: “It’s gotten huge and embraced by many.”

KP: “The EDM and festival scene has blown up over the last year or so.  I was in a burger place yesterday, and Porter Robinson was playing.  Like NEW Porter!  This is wonderful because we get to share the music we love with so many new people, and more money is being invested in EDM related events and projects.  The bad news is, more people are drawn to the scene for the wrong reasons and it brings a lot of negative attention to our beloved lifestyle. 

MN: “Dance culture this year went bigger than the past years. So many “newbies” getting involved in our scene.   ”

HP: “I think this year saw EDM become much more mainstream as a whole, and as such the scene was flooded with fly by night fans but also by people really discovering what this culture is about.  I think overall it was a better year for EDM and the culture is breeds as I don’t think people believe it’s a fad anymore. I think some amazing music came out this year as well, including the new Dillon album – that thin is straight FIRE. ”

MS: “As its getting bigger and bigger, more and more events are popping up and attendance levels are of the charts. This year, house music was given more love than in previous years. Looking forward to the days that house music and not “EDM” are mainstage.”


3. A lot of festivals are popping up all around the United States and beyond, what was your favorite festival this year and why? What festival do you plan on attending 2015?

DR: “I would have to say my favorite festival of 2014 was Tomorrowworld.
Why? Tomorrowworld is a growing event. It’s only on its second year and it’s growing quickly. It’s the only event people are comparing to Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas and has surpassed Ultra Music Festival.
(Two of Americas biggest electronic music festivals.) In barley its opening year.. It’s the only event in the world that is 21 and over. With that being said it draws in a different crowd. There is nothing else like it. I plan on attending (Defqon1 & Sensation  Amsterdam) next year.”

EN: “EDC will be forever in my heart. I was born at EDC LA 2010. I’m planning on attending Beyond Wonderland, Crush, Coachella, EDC LV, Hard Summer and more Insomniac Events.”

KP: “The vibes at Nocturnal Wonderland this year were unbeatable.”

MN: “My favorite event this is EDC LV of course. And for next year i’m trying my best to attend Tomorrowworld”

HP: ”In spite of the HORRIBLE venue, HARD Summer was my favorite. I’m a big fan of HARD events overall as I feel they are more accessible to the average fan as opposed to Insomniac which is more aimed at the diehards. I respect and love both companies a great deal and a close second was Nocturnal, the vibes were off the charts and as annoying as those hills were, I’ll still miss that venue. My goal for 2015 is to hit at least one international festival – even if it means just going to Digital Dreams in Toronto or EDC Mexico.”

MS: “As I work the entire time during our produced edm shows, I enjoy time off at other festivals. My favorite festival this year was Lightning in a Bottle, one the best vibes out there…In 2015, I am looking forward to attending BPM Festival in January and Burning Man for the first year =]”

4. Even more than festivals this year, club events are just about everywhere with EDM artist, what club event did you go to this year that you enjoyed and why?

DR: “My favorite club that I went to this year was Ministry of sound in the United Kingdom. I’m a huge fan of intimate club settings. Especially when you’re Favorite Dj’s are playing that evening. I spent 11 hours listening to Trance on a Tuesday night there.  ”

EN: “Bassmnt in SD. Most of my friends come party out there and the DJ is right in front of my face. Haha”

KP: “Too many to count!  I was lucky enough to see Armin at Sound Nightclub in LA after the Grammy’s.  It was so intimate.  Unforgettable!  The Bounce Bus Tour with Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher and Timmy Trumpet at Create Nightclub was ridiculously fun.  ATB at Exchange LA was magical. 
MN: “Hard with Style at NOS. That event got me to hardstyle, and that’s the reason why i enjoyed that even”

HP: “Club events are my bread and butter in terms of photos since they are cheaper to attend – on average – and much closer to home, but if I had to pick just one show I would have to give it to DadaLife at Avalon for Control’s Anniversary party. I have never had so much fun at a club before and since then. ”

MS: “Joseph Capriati at Exchange LA might have been the best techno in a while…. unreal. Another show that was life changing…. Polish Ambassador at House of Blues. Amazing.”


5. Following that question, what was the best club you visit all year long? And why?

DR: “I would have to say Ministry of sound in London. Is my favorite club in the world..”

EN: “I haven’t been really going to clubs lately.”

KP: “I love Sound because it is small and you can get really up close and personal.  But the visuals at Exchange LA are unparalleled.”

MN: “Best club for me this year would be Exchange LA. Super friendly staff, drinks are good and reasonable price as well”

HP: “I’m a huge Avalon fan. I know it has its detractors but you can’t beat the space and with the recent revamp the club is now up to par with some of the news venues. Plus you can’t beat Avaland for some late night partying. My second favorite was Exchange, had they had a better layout i think it would have one in first place, I mean that led wall is INSANE. ”

MS: “Best club of the year goes to Exchange.”

PhotoGrid_1419314972167 (1)

6. Who do you think was the breakout upcoming artist of the year? Why?

DR: “Kygo in my opinion had a break out year. Performing at Tomorrowworld main stage this year. Was a huge smile step in his career. Ever since then he has been getting more recognition and having the opportunity to perform at some of the biggest stages. I believe 2015 will be a huge year for him.”

EN: “Oliver Heldens. Deep House with some new feels.”

KP: “Oliver Heldens.  Not my personal favorite of the year, but no one can deny that guy blew up like no other in 2014.  I’d also add Deorro , DJ Snake and Kygo to that list. Of course these guys have been around, but they’ve totally exploded this year.  I think Helena is also starting something big.  I hope she has a big breakout in 2015.   She’s awesome.”

MN: “Breakout artist this year.. Hmm i guess it’s Oliver Heldens. That dude got some good talent”

HP: “I think that Porter and Dillon tie for breakout, even though they have both been around for a minute, it seems like both really hit their stride this year and honestly I don’t think there is anyone on the planet who hasn’t heard Get Low. Porter’s tour was amazing and although I didn’t have a chance to attend a show all I heard was that it was beautiful, which is not something people usually say about shows. I think Deorro would have achieved Dillon level had he chosen to continue DJ’ing in 2015. But don’t sleep on Deorro people, the man is really fucking smart. ”

MS: “Breakthrough Artist – Ghastly & Mija – You may not know there name now, but you will…. Not a duo but have been producing a couple tracks together which have been getting played by artists such as Jack U”

7. What do you think the top 3 tracks of the year are?

DR: “Hey Now London Grammer
(Arty mix)
● Stampede Dimitri Vegas & like Mike freat. Dvbbs
● Akwell & Ingrosso
We came We raved We loved”

EN: “Red Lights- Tiesto

Summer-Calvin Harris

Overdrive- Oliver Heldens”

KP: “Turn Down for What?” was pretty iconic…again, maybe not my favorite, but it certainly took over!  “Gold Skies” SvD, etc. defined the Summer for me.  “Sea of Voices” by Porter Robinson just showed a totally different side of EDM.”

MN: “Top 3 tracks, This is What It Feels Like – Armin,  Summer – Calvin Harris, Booyah – Showtek ”

HP: “1. Get Low – for obvious reasons.

2. Red Lights – I could not get that damn chorus      out of my head

3. Yee – that bass line is never going to go away – ever”

MS: “Top 3 Tracks –
Rampa featuring Meggy – Everything (Sonny Fodera Remix)
David Penn – People Lovin’ People (Vanilla Ace Remix)
Return of the Jaded – 2 to the 3 (Original Mix)”

8. Who was your top Dj/Producer overall this year?

DR:” Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
●16 Bit”

EN: “Avicii”

KP: “Names like Cedric Gervais, Calvin Harris, Skrillex, Disclosure, Hardwell, Zedd have all become so recognizable, even outside the EDM scene.  We have to give them credit for blazing the trail, even if they are “mainstream.”  They all had a great year.  My personal favorite of the year?  Porter Robinson.  The “Worlds ”album and tour both were perfection.”

MN: “My top dj.. My number 1 Dj, Armin van Buuren!”

HP: “Diplo I think just dominated this year as a DJ and producer. I don’t think anyone else really had as much pull as he had this year and honestly I don’t see Dip-train stopping anytime soon.”

MS: “Favorite Producer – Oscar L & Sonny Fodera

    Favorite DJ – Art Department & Loco Dice”

9. Overall our culture is growing, what do you expect for 2015 to be like?

DR: “I personally think 2015 will be a ground breaking year for Ravers and festival-goers all over the United States.
Unfortunately with our culture becoming so popular. That sometimes may cause over popularity/population and sometimes that can draw the wrong people for the wrong reasons..
I see many people switching their preference on events because of this situation.. I feel many will be choosing other events to attend and put forth a new interest.. Still in Dance music of course.  Just a different festival. I feel that certain festivals that were at the top of the Scene will still be there but now have a different crowd attending.  I say this because I have many friends who are choosing not to participate in certain events/ festivals anymore because they would like to try something different..I’m very excited to see how 2015 turns out.”

EM: “A lot bigger scene”

KP: “I hope things keep getting bigger and better, and that we all take a little more responsibility for ourselves and our behavior as the outside world starts seeing more and more of the rave scene.”

MN: “For 2015, i’m hoping that Trance music will have a good comeback. More underground events.”

HP: “I don’t expect 2015 to be a slow year for EDM, I think it’s going to go into hyperdrive and if EDC being already 75% sold out ALREADY is any indication i image there to be a giant boom of new fans that will propel the culture far further than anyone anticipated.” (Editors Note at the time it was 75% now it’s 85%)

MS: “KMore Festivals, More House, and less main room cheese…..one can only hope :p”


10. Lastly, If you had a chance to attend any festival/club in the world where would you go and why?

DR: “I would love to attend club space in Ibiza. It’s always been a great idea of my to go not necessarily have any plans wing the entire trip and see where I end up in that island.. My life can tend to be on a daily weekly schedule and being able to do a trip like that with no plan’s would be amazing”

EN: “TomorrowLand for a new worlwide experience. ”

KP: “Tomorrowland, Defqon, every EDC, and every club in Ibiza! Is that too much to ask?”

MN: “Tomorrowland in Belgium! Heard so many good things about that event.”

HP: “I would love to attend Tomorrowland in Belgium. That is my alpha and omega of festivals and as strange as this sounds, I really want to go to SunBurn Goa in India. India is taking off in terms of this culture and I would love to see it for myself. ”

MS: “I would attend Burning Man….nothing better than Mind body soul and house music….”

There you have it folks, A special thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the first annual questionnaire it is much appreciated! Hope everyone of you enjoyed reading a little bit about these people and the thoughts they shared regarding our EDM world. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Boxing Day, Happy Holidays and  Happy New Year to everyone! 2015, We’ll try and step it up! Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!

-Mario #SCEE

Weekend in LA! 11/18

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s happening in LA! Don’t miss out on some great shows coming up, let’s jump in!

Sutra OC


This weekend at Sutra brings you three great shows with:

Slander for Element Thursdays
Vice for F*D Up fridays
Ashley Wallbridge for Social Saturdays

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Guestlist mention SCEE for all these shows b4 10pm and get in for free!

Bottle Service email is at Socaledmevnts@gmail.com!

Create Nightclub


This weekekd at Create Nightclub brings you:

Noize Fridays you have the duo Matisse & Sadko alongside Charity Strike!

Arcade Saturday brings the Trance legends Cosmic Gate to the dance floor! With Jordan V opening the floor!

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Exchange LA


Insomniac & Exchange LA brings the Hardstyle man himself Headhunterz for a special show! For tickets click HERE!

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Awakening Fridays bring you the EXLA dance floor Mercer! Alongside Shmittu + T-Wrecks! Grab your tickets HERE!

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EXLA Christmas party come in the form of Tommy Trash’s A Very Trashed Xmas! The venue is going all out for this party with xmas hats, santa, sexy ms. Clauses, elves & much much more!
So bring your ugly sweaters, bring your xmas hats, be festive and get your tickets HERE!

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Yost Theater


The White Rabbit Group along with Yost brings you Havoc Thursday (18+) with the Panda Funk Takeover! Get your tickets HERE!

Guest list
$15 off with an unwrapped toy (at least $10 value) to receive $15 off all night! Must mention SCEE at the door!

Heat OC!


The debut of Exposé at Heat OC a partnership with the White Rabbit Group goes live this friday (21+)! The debut kicks ofd with Jauz + Bones + Adam Aburn! Don’t miss out on this event! For tickets click HERE!

Random tid bits!


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