Discovery Sessions 004 w/ Shmitty


Welcome to a special Discovery Session as we celebrate our two year anniversary here at So Cal Edm Events. We are proud to have one of our local favorites and friends to SCEE Shmitty at the helm. We decided to choose him on this date in particular because of what he means to us, it was him who made us take SCEE a little more serious and gave us the opening to start provided all of you all the awesome deals and hooks ups you enjoy today. So here we go with Shmitty, his exclusive mix and questionnaire for us, enjoy!


So Cal Edm Events (SCEE): Thank you for taking the time to answer this interview let’s start off simple what is your name? What do you go by? Are you from southern California? If not where are you from? And what genre of electronic music do you play?

Shmitty (S): My name is Matthew Smit, and I go by Shmitty. I was born in the Netherlands and moved to Los Angeles when I was 4. I play mostly house & techno.

SCEE: How long have you been producing/Djing? What inspired you to become a producer? Who is your biggest inspiration? Do you have any residencies locally?

S: I have been DJing for about 3-4 years and producing for about 2 years. John Digweed is by far my biggest inspiration, he is one that is always on top of his game and constantly searching for new tracks. I am a resident DJ at Exchange LA


SCEE: What has been the biggest festival/Club you’ve played at? How was that experience? Was it memorable? What would you change?

S:The biggest show I’ve played was Cosmic Gate + Andrew Rayel @ The Hollywood Palladium. I got to play 3hrs to a sold out crowd! I wouldnt change a thing, it was amazing.

SCEE:  Where do you plan on being in five years career wise?

S: I plan on not doing much different :p, writing music I love with friends, and playing shows for people who like our music.


SCEE: A lot of people will be reading this article, if you could tell them something about yourself to maybe support you what would you say?

S:I never prepare for sets. I mean, i have music folders organized for all sorts of occasions…but I never prep the set. The music I pick is all on the fly and influenced by the vibe that I’m getting from the venue, crowd, etc.

SCEE: We have a great deal of followers following us, what would you tell the people who are going to hear this to expect from your mini mix? What do you want to them to take note of?

S: I recently started the Minimal Sessions brand which focuses on techno, so this set is similar to what my Minimal Sessions partys vibe is going for.

SCEE: What do you do outside of music?

S: I love traveling. I work for insomniac so I get to travel when we do shows in other states. One of my favorite things is seeing what other states & countries have to offer.

SCEE:  What do you think of the current scene? Do you think new people need to freshen up the scene?

S: I think a lot of people are freshening up the scene. So many great talents are emerging everyday.


SCEE: Finish this sentence… Music is

S: Universal

SCEE: Lastly we’d like to thank you for participating, for anyone interested in following you more where can they do so?

-Mario #SCEE