The Lineup Numbers


The lineup is out and with that comes the usual negativity of “it’s the same lineup as last year” post that you will encounter across all of the interwebz! So we thought he why not break it down and show these people it’s infact NOT 95% the same lineup! Here was what we found down below:

402000: Total Attendance Last year

199: Announced Artist So Far

181: Artist announced at 2014 EDC Las Vegas Edition

133: New Artist not on last year years lineup

67: Percentage of new artist for this year lineup compared to last year lineup

66: Repeat artist from last year edition of EDC Las Vegas

42: Days left till EDC door open

8: Number of stages predicted to be at this year edition

1: Headliner that matter most, YOU.

As you can see compared to 2014 edition of the Las Vegas festival only 33% of the artist are repeat in the lineup. We did not account for artist like New World Punx who are playing seperate this year as they were consider a seperate entity. Point being is that 66% of the lineup is indeed new as compared to last year! Now you know, share this to a friend!


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