Discovery Sessions 005 w/ Wutam


Welcome to our fifth edition of Discovery Sessions, thank you very much for stopping by and taking a look at all the upcoming talent that we have to share with you. This week edition comes to you from a DJ/Producer named Wutam out of Florida with his new Funstep sound! But i’ll let him tell you more about himself down below, enjoy and let us know what you think! Cheers!



So Cal Edm Events (SCEE): Thank you for taking the time to answer this interview let’s start off simple what is your name? What do you go by? Are you from southern California? If not where are you from? And what genre of electronic music do you play?

Wutam (W): Hi my name is Matt and I go by the stage name Wutam. I am originally from Florida and have been in SoCal for about 7 years. I make and play all kinds of BassMusic – Dubstep – Trap – Breaks – and some Glitch Hop – I call it Funstep.  

SCEE: How long have you been producing/Djing? What inspired you to become a producer? Who is your biggest inspiration? Do you have any residencies locally?

W: I started Dj-ing in 1994 and my first record came out in 1999 – Rokit – I had dj’ed for a while and the next step was to produce. After hearing the songs that I was playing and having my own ideas on how things should sound,  I just went for it! My biggest inspiration at the time was Dynamix II ;the kings of Bass. Currently my time is spent in the studio, however a local residency would be something that would be fun in the future. 

SCEE: What has been the biggest festival/Club you’ve played at? How was that experience? Was it memorable? What would you change?

W: I played at the Love Parade in San Francisco and it was amazing, a sea of people that Ill never forget, one of the most memorable places that I have played at, I wouldn’t change a thing unless I could make the festival last longer! 

SCEE:  Where do you plan on being in five years career wise?

W: Putting out monster tracks and having collaborations with top level producers on my label Prism Recordings, playing festivals, clubs, and sharing as much music as I can.


SCEE: A lot of people will be reading this article, if you could tell them something about yourself to maybe support you what would you say?

W: If you like to have fun and bounce to great music – stay tuned to Wutam and Prism Recordings and keep your ear out for what I call Funstep.

SCEE: We have a great deal of followers following us, what would you tell the people who are going to hear this to expect from your mini mix? What do you want to them to take note of?

W: Id tell them get ready to bounce – its exciting and fun, like watching a really good movie. 

SCEE: What do you do outside of music?

W: There is something outside of music?  I do enjoy going to the movies, playing with my cat, making funny videos, and eating sushi!

SCEE:  What do you think of the current scene? Do you think new people need to freshen up the scene?

W: I think the current scene is doing very well, new people coming into it is what keeps it fresh. Everyone has new ideas and new perspectives and that is what the scene needs to thrive. 

SCEE: Finish this sentence… Music is

W:  … everything and everywhere for us to enjoy and make memories to remember for a lifetime.

SCEE: Lastly we’d like to thank you for participating, for anyone interested in following you more where can they do so? 

W: Check out my soundcloud at 

my Instagram for funny pics and current events @mattwutam

and my Facebook @wutamofficial – shoutout to you guys for doing this and having me – Chelsea @PrismRecordings – my amazing teachers at Dubspot and Studio DMI – the producers who put everything into making good songs for us – and the people listening. I hope you enjoy my mini mix for SoCal EDM Events – Wutam out! 

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-Mario #SCEE

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